"Scent of a Woman" couple Kim Seon-ah and Lee Dong-wook

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Actress Kim Seon-ah and Lee Dong-wook are drunk in the scenery of the Pacific Ocean.

The SBS TV "Scent of a Woman" crew started taking in the scenes beginning with the airport and the beautiful beach of Okinawa, Japan.

Kim Seon-ah, who is the lead female Yeon-jae said,"I was filming alone before Lee Dong-wook was out from the army but now I'm happy to be filming with him I like my partner".

The only son of a travel company Kang Ji-wook is Lee Dong-wook and he said, I was nervous because I haven't done acting in a long time but I am encouraged by everyone on site and I feel it's going to be great".

Director Park Hyeong-gi said,"The staff have to fight with the heat of over 30 degrees but the atmosphere is good and everyone works well with each other".

Meanwhile,"Scent of a Women" is a romantic comedy drama about a woman who quits her job and meets love on a holiday, looking for the meaning of life. Coming this 23rd at 10PM.

Source: news.nate.com/view/20... (Korean)
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