"Mother of twins?" Lee Young-ae's first commercial... but the brand...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011 0 comments

'Mother of twins' Lee Young-ae is back.

After her leave from the entertainment activities due to marriage last 2009, Lee Young-ae has come back with a commercial after the birth of her twins early this year.

Her return has many interested, especially the advertisement business. Lee Young-ae had maintained her elegant and luxury image without a single scandal all this while. Her marriage and birth to twins has added to her image as the wise and lovely wife and widened the spectrum of her as a model.

Unlike the expectations that she will take charge of the big brands, she selected an unfamiliar brand. That is crude liquefying company Hurom. Lee Young-ae was positively responded to by housewives online and decided she will model for it right away after trying the liquid sample Hurom had sent her.

Lee Young-ae raised expectations on her by saying,"I am going to consider first the brands that add to the value of family, health and life for future advertisements as well".

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