Lee Ji-ah "Claimed divorce on purpose, sorry to Seo Taiji"

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Actress Lee Ji-ah expressed her pity about Seo Taiji's request for delay in the 4th defense.

Her management Key East revealed officially through press reports on the 4th around 10:30PM that,"Although Lee Ji-ah had no desire to continue with the suit, she didn't have a choice because of the 'disagreement to withdraw'".

Previously, Seo Taiji had delayed the 4th defense plead on the morning of it. His side had said,"We have found the necessity to newly take action with Lee Ji-ah's decision to change the intention of charge on her second preparatory documents".

Next is the press report from Key East

This is the management's statement.

After the suit was exposed, she had decided to withdraw as it had caused so much pain to not only herself but family and friends too.

However, the opponent had disagreed and decided to carry on with the lawsuit until the end, therefore Lee Ji-ah had no choice but to continue it.

While a thorough checkup about the situation then was being carried out, the ruling of divorce from America was invalid as it didn't satisfy the requirements of overseas judgment. According to legal advice, this could cause further problems in the future so we were advised there was a need to add to the divorce charge to clarify things once and for all.

This has also been mentioned on the May 23rd defense plead.

Lee Ji-ah has never submitted any changed objectives of her primary cause. The reason why she agreed with the delay of this defense was to allow things to fall through well and our legal representatives have been negotiating for an ideal settlement. Even still, we express pity in the
statement that Lee Ji-ah is trying to claim divorce.

To round things up, Lee Ji-ah had to intendancy to continue with the suit but had to according to the disagreement on the other side. She wants an ideal settlement and hasn't changed her views on that.

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