Kim Hyun-joong Sweeps Asian K-pop Charts

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Kim Hyun-joong is not a top star in Korea, but in Asia.

After releasing his first solo album,"Break Down", Kim has swept major music charts all across Asia.

It all started in Japan on June 8th after "Break Down" was released. The catchy song rose to number one on Oricon Weekly Album Sales Chart. G-Music, Five Music, and other major music charts in Taiwan for J-pop and K-pop saw Kim's song hit number one. The biggest chart in Hong Kong, KKBOX, had Kim's name at the top of the list for the Korean/Japanese Music chart. On KKBOX, it wasn't just "Break Down" that made it on there, but his other supporting tracks on his album "Please" and "Kiss Kiss".

Over in Thailand,"Break Down" was second place on the Channel V Asia Music Chart, not to mention he was featured on the "July Best Asia Pop Music".

It's not just Asia. He got people sitting up and taking notice in Bolivia and Germany as well. For the second week of June and first week of July, Kim was number one on the K-pop Music Chart in Bolivia. Germany's K-Pop Chart also saw Kim's supporting track "Please" do well, faring at number five. Being that Kim hadn't even officially promoted in Bolivia and Germany, this is quite the feat.

After promoting for several weeks his title track "Break Down", Kim will be starting his follow-up round for "Kiss Kiss". Starting in Tokyo, Japan on August 1st, Kim will be promoting all throughout Asia with press conferences: China, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam,etc. Kim is also planning out the details of a tour to take place in November. The singer-turned-actor is planning to start off his 10 country tour, hitting up 12-13 cities within four months.

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