Park Gyuri and Goo Ha-ra: 'We feel Nervous because Huge Tokyo Dome'

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Park Gyuri and Goo Ha-ra, members of Kara (which is leading the K-Pop boom in Japan), hosted a special episode of the music program entitled "Music Bank held at the Tokyo Dome, and they said before they began hosting the program at the Tokyo Dome for the first time,"We felt really nervous when we looked at the huge stage". During an interview held at the Tokyo Dome on July 13, all the group members had said,"Kara wants to hold a solo concert at the Tokyo Dome someday".

KBS 2TV's "Music Bank" held an event entitled "Music Bank in Tokyo K-POP Festival" at the Tokyo Dome, and Kara participated in the event. The festival has been designed to expand the K-Pop boom in Japan, a total of fifteen singing group including Kara, Dong Bang Shin Ki, Girl's Generation, 2PM and Beast participated in the event. The 45,000 tickets for the concert sold out. Park Gyuri and Goo Ha-ra appeared as both singers and special guest MCs along with the original MC of the program, Hyun Woo. Park Gyuri said,"It is a great honor for me to stand on this stage of the Tokyo Dome, and moreover, I feel really happy that I am hosting the concert as MC. I think that I have to do my best to try to hold Kara's concert at this place someday".

Kara had gone through difficulties of potentially disbanding the group, and their resolution for a performance on this large stage was extraordinary. Goo Ha-ra said,"I always feel happy when all five of our members stand on stage together. People seem to like to watch all five of us together. I will try to enjoy our performance on the stage for our fans". Park Gyuri said,"I have always said that my final destination was performing at the Tokyo Dome, so now I feel pressure about our performance. The stage is really huge, and I think that I need a louder voice".

Kara appeared on the stage as the first singing group and they provided that they were the real leading singers of the K-Pop boom in Japan. All 45,000 audience members greeted Kara with loud cheers and ovations. Asked whether they can feel their popularity in Japan, Goo Ha-ra answered with smile,"I could feel our popularity in Japan when my close friends asked for our photo and autographs after coming back from Japan. I think that more people in Japan recognize Kara's songs and members". Park Gyuri said,"When I look at the music charts, I can realize our popularity. I began studying Japanese with a light heart, but I have come to study harder as people's anticipation gets larger. As our Japanese fans like us, I have come to think that I have to speak Japanese better. We have more activities in Japan, so our Korean fans may feel sad, but they cheer for us. So I think that I always have to do my best for our fans everywhere".

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