Lee Tae-seong and Seo In-young, angry kiss scene

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Actor Lee Tae-seong and actress Seo In-young acted together.

Playboy lawyer Byeon Dong-woo kissed Seo In-young who is making a special appearance in the MBC weekend drama "Hooray for Love".

In a hotel in Guam on the 8th, a womanizer but skilled Dong-woo kissed and said goodbye to In-young (Seo In-young) who had been following him around and wanting to get married.

Lee Tae-seong managed to pull off the womanizer lawyer Byeon Dong-woo act very well and Seo In-young expressed determination and anger at Dong-woo who dumped her.

After the shoot Lee Tae-seong said,"I've always wanted to try the bad guy" and Seo In-young said,"I've always been the strong character but being dumped is quite different".

Being in a drama for the first time in 2 years after "Style" in 2009, Seo In-young is making 3 special appearances in "Hooray for Love" and will be acting In-young flaming with rage.

"Hooray for Love" is a comic drama in which a woman who was betrayed by her husband steps over things and overcomes reality. The cast includes, Lee Bo-yeong, Lee Tae-seong, Bae Jong-ok, Cheon Ho-jin, Jin I-han, Byeon Jeong-soo, Kim Soo-mi, Yoon Hyeon-sook and more. Coming in mid-July.

Source: news.nate.com/view/20.... (Korean)
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