[Spoiler] "Ojak Brothers" Song Seon-mi accepts a proposal

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Song Seon-mi accepted Yeon Woo-jin's propose.

Yeo-wool (Song Seon-mi) accepted Hwang Tae-pil's (Yeon Woo-jin) proposal on the latest episode of KBS weekend drama "Ojak Brothers".

Yeo-wool awkwardly left her seat when Tae-pil asked her to join his family gathering. She wasn't ready to meet his family yet. However, she pondered the times she had with him and made up her mind.

Trying to see how she was feeling, Tae-pil said, "I'm sorry I called you out to a place like that without saying anything. Are you mad?" and she answered, "Yes I am. If you had told me earlier I would've gone to the hairdressers and made up my face to look younger".

She continued, "I like you. I want to introduce you to my sister. Will you come?" Tae-pil was touched and hugged her without caring about those around them.

The two have finally confirmed their love for each other, but their families are weirdly connected as Tae-pil's brother Hwan Tae-beom married Yeo-wool's niece Cha Soo-yeong (Choi Jeong-yoon). The last four episodes of the drama should show if the four people can succeed in marriage despite the disapproval from their families.

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