Korean Restaurants Recognized by the Michelin Guide

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[Interview : Veronica] "Today, a student named Veronica will visit the Korean restaurants introduced in the Michelin Guide".

I love Korean food. So I've decided to take this book and choose three Korean very famous traditional dishes and go on a trip around Seoul.

The Michelin Guide is the world's most trusted guide to restaurants, and now Korean restaurants have been recognized with a guide of their own.

[Interview : Kim Bo-hyeong, CEO Michelin Korea]
Michelin is the only restaurant guide that has more than a century of history. It was only able to survive all these years because the critics maintained their independence, ensuring that Michelin will be a trustworthy guide to quality food and service.

This is Dongdaemun Market.

[Interview : Veronica] "Today it's freezing cold, and we are here in Dongdaemun. Dongdaemun is a very famous market in Seoul".

The alley behind the market is famous for its restaurants.

Visitors are treated to a variety of offerings.

A Michelin Guide restaurant is hidden here, in this alley.

[Interview : ] "Excuse me, where can I find this place"

[Interview : ] "Yes, it's over there. Jinokhwa Chicken. It's over there".

The place seems well-known among all the street vendors.

[Interview : Veronica] "Wow. There are so many people!"

[Interview : Go Sun-deok, Manager] "Jinokhwa Halmae Wonjo Chicken"

[Interview : Veronica] " What's the "One Chicken"

[Interview : Go Sun-deok, Manager] "It's an entire chicken boiled and served in broth".

[Interview : Veronica] "Fried chicken"

[Interview : Go Sun-deok, Manager] "No, not fried. It's in a broth".

What does chicken taste like in broth[Interview : Veronica] "The lady's right. It doesn't taste like chicken. It'sthe flavor is different. It's so healthy and refreshing".

After finishing the chicken, the leftover broth is used to cook noodles.

The mild seasoning makes it perfect for foreigners.

[Interview : Onishi, Tourist Japan] "Everything that goes into this is good".

Insadong is a favorite destination among tourists.

Here, tradition meets modernity.

[Interview : Michelle, Tourist United States] "I found out from her".

[Interview : PD] "Oh, really"

[Interview : Michelle, Tourist United States] "I've been here before on business about five or six times, and everyone says this is the place to come. And I love it".

There are lots to see in Insadong. The streets are filled with traditional Korean decorations and pottery.

[Interview : Veronica] "Beautiful. I found it! It's right here. The Ssamjigil!"

The second Michelin restaurant is here, in Insadong.

It is a restaurant that serves hanjeongsik, or Korean course meal. The restaurant is inside a traditional Korean house with a tiled roof. Guarded by pine trees and covered with a coat of white snow, the restaurant looks like something out of an old painting.

[Interview : Veronica] "This is a very traditional Korean-looking place".

The interior is no less breathtaking than the exterior.

[Interview : Veronica] "Oh, wow! This is really nice".

Guests in each room can enjoy their meal in privacy.

Yoon Hui-ok, Manager
This house is over a hundred years old.

And now for the main event! The table is filled with dishes including rice and soup.

[Interview : Kim Yeong-suk, Director Dure] "The menu changes every day. Our guests are served food made only with ingredients that are properly in season".

There's everything here, from steamed short ribs inside a squash to green onion pancakes to tofu served inside a sliced lemon.

Hanjeongsik is popular among tourists who love variety along with great taste.

[Interview : Veronica] "Wow. There are so many different foods in Korea. I wish I could eat like this every day. You can never get tired of this food because you have so many to choose from. Very nice".

The Michelin Guide also includes travel suggestions, and one destination is Sungkyunkwan, the most prestigious educational institution of the Joseon Dynasty. Today, there is a university of the same name.

Near Sungkyunkwan, there is a famous pork rib restaurant.

Many of the restaurant's clients are cab drivers, who need a quick and hearty meal.

[Interview : Kim Pyeong-pan, Taxi driver] "This is a restaurant well-known to all the taxi drivers in Seoul".

[Interview : Veronica]
Oh, really[Interview : Kim Pyeong-pan, Taxi driver] "There are about 80,000 taxi drivers in Seoul. They all know this place".

This was one of the city's first restaurants to cater to cab drivers. It's past the lunch rush, but there are still some late diners.

[Interview : ] "For taxi drivers, time is money, so the most important thing for a restaurant like us is to serve our food quickly. We've been here for 40 years now".

This is the pork bulbaek [불백] that has kept customers returning for 40 years.

Fast, affordable, and delicious. What could be better for a cabbie in Seoul[Interview : Lee Yong-ho, Diner] "Things never change here. It always tastes the same. Nothing changes. That's why people keep coming here".

The pork here is taken from a whole pig that is brought in fresh from the slaughterhouse.

[Interview : ] "We only use female pigs that have never had piglets. That way, the fat isn't very thick and the meat is tender".

Customers here do not need to cook their own meat. The pork, which has been marinated for a day, is cooked in the kitchen.

[Interview : Veronica
] "The second reason why this place is so famous is because of this. It's called yeontanbul, and they cook the galbi here. And apparently it gives the meat a very special and deep flavor".

[Interview : Veronica
] "It's not only delicious, but it's so cheap. Imagine getting all this food for only 6,500. That's a good deal".

Wrapping up her day of culinary delight, Veronica writes down a few notes.

[Interview : Veronica
] "Today I not only tried delicious food, but also got to meet many people with warm hearts. I'm very happy for everything I could experience here in Korea".

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