Lee Seung-gi: 'My Life Shined While Appearing on '1 Night and 2 Days"

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Lee Seung-gi expressed his feelings before the last filming of "1 Night and 2 Days".

All-round entertainer Lee Seung-gi expressed his feelings before the last filming of the KBS 2TV variety program "1 Night and 2 Days" by leaving his own thoughts entitled "1 Night and 2 Days" on his official homepage and fan club homepage on February 10. He said, "I have appeared on '1 Night and 2 Days' for six years, and my life seems to have shined while filming this program for the past six years. I have learned many things and I have become a mature person while working with many nice people".

He revealed that he felt very empty before filming the last episode of the program and he expressed his sad feelings by saying, "I might not be able to have a chance to appear on this kind of program again in the future. My life for the past six years with this program can be remembered as the most exciting and memorable time. I had great fun while filming this program".

Lee Seung-gi gathered up his thoughts and said, "I do not want to stay where I stand now only because of the anxiety about the future without this program, and I might feel ashamed if I just decide to stay here. I will start to build another tower from the beginning, and it will be my responsibility as entertainer Lee Seung-gi".

"1 Night and 2 Days" filmed it's last episode of the first season from February 10 through 11, and it will be broadcast for two weeks on February 18 and 26. The second season of "1 Night and 2 Days" will begin airing from next month, and the cast members of the first season except Lee Seung-gi and Eun Ji-won will appear again with new members. Actors Kim Seung-woo and Joo Won and singer Seung Si Kyung are cited as the most likely new members at this moment.

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