Katherine Heigl's music video has Korean fans buzzing

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The music video directed by actress Katherine Heigl as a tribute to her daughter has netizens in Korea buzzing.

The video for the song "Naleigh Moon" was written and sung by Heigl's husband Josh Kelley for their daughter Naleigh Moon, who the couple adopted from Korea in 2009. The video was released in the United States earlier this year and is from Kelly's 2011 album "Georgia Clay".

The video chronicles Naleigh Moon's life to date against the mellow tune written for her by Kelley. It begins with images of the girl's passport and legal documents and traces her journey from Korea, where she was born as Gim Yu-mi, to the United States.

The clips in the video show the baby's early development and are interspersed with shots of the family of three together.

With lyrics such as "Halfway around my little world/ You had no idea that you were my girl/ You found my arms not a moment too soon/ I couldn't see past me 'til I saw you", the song pays tribute to the Hollywood couple's three-year-old daughter.

The video ends with the exuberant child clapping at seeing her father performing on stage and running into his arms.

The video has become a big hit online in Korea, with fans gushing, "How beautiful" and "I've watched it over and over again".

By Carla Sunwoo [carlasunwoo@joongang.co.kr]

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