Kim Seon-ah ""The Sun and the Moon" is everywhere"

Wednesday, February 8, 2012 0 comments

Kim Seon-ah showed how big a fan she is of the drama "The Sun and the Moon".

She posted on her Me Today homepage, "Although the sun and the moon can't be in the sky at the same time, they can be reflected in a pond. Did you ask to be forgotten? Do you wish to be? I am sorry that although though I tried to forget you, it cannot be done. It's so awesome. When the moon is up we sleep and when we wake up the sun is there. I wish for a warm sun tomorrow".

She then continued, "Shut that mouth, because I don't want to see it. Stand around for the time being. Everywhere I go it's about the sun and the moon".

Kim Seon-ah revealed that she is a fanatic of the current MBC drama "The Sun and the Moon" and she repeated the highlights of the drama. Last week's episodes of "The Sun and the Moon" took in 40% of viewers and is becoming the national drama of the season.

Those who have read Kim Seon-ah's "The Sun and the Moon" say, "You watch it too? Me too! I don't know anyone who doesn't!", "You should act in a historical drama like "The Sun and the Moon" too!", "You noted the highlight-worthy lines, I will be waiting for your next project" and more.

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