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We've got a great new treat for you guys out there now.
We know you've been hungry for the latest in entertainment news here in Korea so every Wednesday is our Weekly Star Scene corner.
Hyeon Bin, Gong Li, Yoon Si-yoon updates on these stars and more are all up next.
We're joined by Lee Dami here in the studio to tell us more.

[Reporter: ] Hello. This is the, where we will take a look at the issues that heated up the entertainment industry during the week! Every Wednesday, I will be bringing you entertainment news.
Shall we begin Hyeon Bin, who will be joining the marines in March, will be walking on the red carpet at the Berlin International Film Festival.

The movie "Come Rain Come Shine", in which Hyeon Bin co-stars with Im Soo-jeong, was invited to the festival's Competition section while his movie "Late Autumn - 2010", a project co-starring Tang Wei, earned a spot in the festival's Forum section.

actor names romanized according to standard, movie names taken from KBS World

Recently, Hyeon Bin surprised his fans by announcing that he would be enlisting in the marines at the age of 30.

[Interview: Hyeon Bin, Actor] "Military service is something that every man must do. I will simply be fulfilling my duties as a Korean man".

With special permission from the Military Manpower Administration, Hyeon Bin had decided to attend the Film Festival on February 15th.

World Star Gong Li's First Visit to Korea

World star Gong Li came to Korea to promote her latest movie, "Shanghai".

In a long flowing dress, she was like a goddess posing for fans and the media.

[Interview: Gong Li, Actress] "Ahnnyeonghasaeyo!"

I am so happy to be here in Korea to promote my most recent Hollywood movie, "Shanghai".

Gong Li's performance in "Shanghai" is already earning accolades! We hope to see her in more and more projects on the big screen.

"I Love You - 2010" Special Preview

The movie "I Love You - 2010", starring Lee Soon-jae and Kim Soo-mi, had a special preview for the stars.

The preview was attended by popular celebrities including Cha Tae-hyeon, Park Joong-hoon, and Yoo Seung-ho.

[Interview: Park Joong-hoon, Actor] "I Love You - 2010" is an adaptation of a comic by Kang Pool. I hope the movie is as heartwarming as the original work".

[Interview: Yoo Seung-ho, Actor] "I searched the Internet, and there were a lot of people who said they were looking forward to the movie. I'm looking forward to it as well".

[Interview: Cha Tae-hyeon, Actor] "I hope the movie is a great success. I have a feeling that it will be a very touching movie. Go "I Love You - 2010"!"

A love story told by the greatest romanticists of the era,
"I Love You - 2010" will be released on February 17th.

Yoon Si-yoon Makes Big Screen Debut with "100%"

Yoon Si-yoon, who rose to stardom through his role on the TV drama "Bread, Love and Dreams", will make his movie debut with the film "100%".

At the pre-shoot service given to wish for good luck, Yoon Si-yoon spoke about his hopes for his first feature film.

[Interview: Yoon Si-yoon, Actor] ""100%" is a movie about golf. Of course, since it's a movie about golf, I'm practicing it now. It's hard because I've never played golf before, and I'm not very athletic, but I'll do my best. I hope that all my efforts will be reflected in the film".

2010 was a great year for Yoon Si-yoon. We hope that 2011 is filled with even more success and happiness!

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