Suzy's elephant thigh's Photoshop issue

Thursday, February 17, 2011 0 comments

Miss A Suzy's thighs are talk of the issue online.

Recently on an online community a picture of Suzy and IU walking together came up. What caught people's eyes, were the short skirts the girls were wearing. Suzy's thighs were so thick compared to those of IU's. However, this turned out to be fake as a netizen had purposefully 'photo-shopped' her thighs to make them look thick.

Neitizen's say,"It was obvious from the start","The thighs were too thick to be said they were thighs","Suzy will be upset at the fake photo".

Suzy is currently playing Ko Hye-mi, a student at Ki Rin Arts School in "Dream High" to become a superstar.

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