Park Min-yeong selected for female lead in "City Hunter" along with Lee Min-ho

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Actress Park Min-yeong has been selected as the lead female actress in the drama "City Hunter".

She will be playing Kim Na-na, a former Judo athlete and current bodyguard in the Blue House in the drama "City Hunter" that is due to be first broadcast on the 25th of May.

Kim Na-na lost her parents in an accident and has survived by doing anything and everything she could to make a living.She then becomes a bodyguard in the Blue House and eventually falls in love with Lee Yoon-seong (Lee Min-ho) who is in the Blue House National Communications Team. Park Min-yeong is about to show herself in a sweaty blue Judo uniform and a neat and slick black suit.

The production for "City Hunter" conveyed, "It took some time to choose the cast and we were revolving around synchrony and acting skills. We decided with Park Min-yeong as our lead female because of her bright and healthy image and her acknowledgment from several dramas told us she was the one to play Kim Na-na".

Meanwhile, this will be the first time in four years since the drama in 2007 "I Am Sam" Park Min-yeong and Lee Min-ho will be getting together.

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