Song Seung-heon cute pose with 'little Seol' "Pre-daughter babo"

Monday, February 14, 2011 0 comments

Song Seung-heon showed quite the possibility of being a 'daughter babo' (a father who adore his daughter) when married.

Last February 13th, he uploaded a picture with the words,"A cut with little Seol!! She's so pretty! I wish I had a daughter like this later! ^^" on his me2day.

Song Seung-heon in this picture is with Jeon Min-seo who played the younger Seol in the MBC drama "My Princess", on his lap and both of them doing a flower pose.

Those who have seen this picture say, "I want to be little Seol T T", "You guys look good together, you should get married soon", "I see you are a daughter babo".

Meanwhile in the MBC drama "My Princess" Lee Seol and Park Hye-young are getting closer as they leave on a trip together and are drawing more attention to what will happen.

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