Song Hye-kyo with dark hair, this is a goddess

Wednesday, April 6, 2011 0 comments

Song Hye-kyo's recent picture has netizens calling her a goddess.

A picture of Song Hye-kyo that looks like it was taken on a set came up on an internet bulletin. Instead of the short hair she showed in the drama "World's Within", her longer hairstyle made her look more innocent and feminine.

Netizen's say, "She looks like a goddess", "Clear skin", "I want to see her quickly in the drama" and more, expressing the gladness to see her.

Meanwhile, Song Hye-kyo's new movie "Today" (director Lee Jeong-hyang) is waiting for results back from the 64th Cannes Film Festival that is opening on the 11th of May. In the case "Today" gets invited to the Awards, this would be Song Hye-kyo's first visit to the event in 3 years after 2008 director John Woo's aborted movie "1949".

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