Kim Tae-hee reveals provocative sexy collection

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Actress Kim Tae-hee revealed a shockingly provocative and sexy collection of pictures.

Kim Tae-hee recently took part in the May issue of fashion magazine "Cosmopolitan".

In the collection, Kim Tae-hee is wearing thick make up that protrudes her lips and wearing a see-through top. Also, the showering image is something she has never shown before.

At the interview that took place with the photo shoot, and at the fact that she was the relative pronoun for a pretty girl she said,"I am quite used to it so there is no other feeling. Even though sometimes I don't get privacy and is frustrating sometimes, I thing I would be sorry to live life as a normal Kim Tae-hee".

About the judgment,'acting draws the face', she said,"I don't think I am the face to express feelings well like an actress and I don't think I'm the face that looks good with all roles. However, I think, because it's my face, there is a role I can definitely carry out well and if I get the chance to ever meet that character for once in my life then I am just grateful for that".

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