Kim Jae-won and Hwang Jeong-eum "Can You Hear My Heart" lovely image cut

Thursday, March 24, 2011 1 comments

The image cut for new MBC drama "Can You Hear my Heart" has been revealed.

MBC opened the picture of Cha Dong-joo played by Kim Jae-won and Bong Woo-ri played by Hwang Jeong-eum.

Despite the fact that the two only met once during the script reading, they were friendly and active during the shoot. Hwang Jeong-eum was bright and active throughout the whole shoot and Kim Jae-won never failed to smile as well as taking care of the other staff.

Kim Jae-won said,"I have a rather cold character in this drama but I hope the nickname 'killer smile' follows me around wherever I go".

"Can You Hear my Heart" is the love story about a man who is deaf but pretends to hear and a woman who acts dumb to be at level with her dumb father.

Kim Jae-won returns to home TV's for the first time after discharging from the army in 2 years. Hwang Jeong-eum has the lead role in a drama for the first time in her life. Nam Goong-min stars in this drama for the first time in a year after "Birth of a Rich Man", Jeong Bo-seok is dumb father and heroine from movie "The Man From Nowhere" Kim Sae-ron build a fancy cast.

This drama is a "Flame of Desire" follow up and will be broadcast in the beginning of April.

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