Kim Kang-woo will be a father in 2011..... Han Hye-jin's sister is at the third month of pregnancy

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Actor Kim Kang-woo is becoming a father.

Han Moo-yeong is Han Hye-jin's sister and also Kim Kang-woo's wife. A friend of Kim Kang-woo and Han Moo-yeong couple said,"Han Moo-yeong is expecting a baby in upcoming summer. Kim Kang-woo is showing his love toward his wife by taking care of his wife's health more than ever."

Kim Kang-woo married with Han Moo-yeong last June 18th after 7 years of romance. According to friends of them, they are really happy about news of baby. Kim Kang-woo is digesting a tight schedule due to the shooting of the drama "Poseidon" but he is taking care of his wife by preparing the right food for her since Han Moo-yeong has morning sickness.

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