Shim Hye-jin will come back with the MBC daily drama 'Hurricane Couple'

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Shim Hye-jin will come back to the drama by 'Hurricane Couple' which will be on air in November; it's been 10 months since her last drama.

According to Shim Hye-jin's company, she was casted as Hong Na-rim second daughter-in-law in one conglomerate family.

Hong Na-rim is an actress who has both face and skills; she only feels alive when in the spotlight. While she was in the U.S. she met a rich student, Lee Tae-joon, who was actually a successor of conglomerate. They eventually got attracted to each other and got married, living the love story of the century. Lee Tae-joon will be played by Jeong Chan.

Shim Hye-jin acted as a catalyst for the daily drama 'Jolly Widows', which ended last January; pumped up viewer rating was 80% thanks of Shim Hye-jin.

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