Korean Female Trio Ham sexy in single So Sexy

Tuesday, October 12, 2010 0 comments

Female trio, HAM, is experiencing some difficulties with their latest track "So Sexy" because it's well, so sexy.

The girl's entertainment agency revealed on October 1st that the song did not pass KBS's filter, banning it from being broadcast on TV or radio. The lyrics along with the provocative dance moves were deemed too suggestive. There's a focus on the girl's upper bodies throughout the choreography while some lines in the song belt out "let me have you" and "come and enter me".

The entertainment company continued by explaining that the song had actually passed MBC's more liberal judging. Unfortunately, SBS's final decision wasn't out yet (as of October 1st), but the vibes weren't looking good for HAM.

The response from Korean netizens have been mixed. While some agree with KBS that the song and related dance moves are way too sexy, others expressed that it's no more sexy than songs and dances of other girl groups out there.

HAM's representatives expressed their disappointment in not being able to give the song the proper promotional activities. It was the group's attempt at breaking out of their young girl image. They went on to say that the song and choreography will go through some adjustments to make it more broadcast-friendly.

Source: KBS Global


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