Ji Jin-hee's new movie "Runaway from Home"

Saturday, April 3, 2010 0 comments
Actor Ji Jin-hee has been at the press release for the new film, "Runaway from Home".
He said that there have been sad news in celebrity news and hopes that this movie will be able to bring cheerful mood to the audience again.
Ji Jin-hee will be Ji Seunghee the childish yet wealthy character who will be very comic. He said that this movie will show a very different image of him.

His character will be searching for his wife and finding out things that he never knew about her in the process.
After this movie, Ji said that he must treat his wife better than before. He changed her name in his cellphone into three hearts.

Ji is also in the new historical drama "Dong Yi"

The film will be released on April 8th.


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