Bronze Medalist (Movie 2009)

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Lee Beom-soo as Coach Lee Ji-bong(bronze medalist) nicknamed King Kong.
Jo An as Park Yeong-ja
Lee Yoon-hoi as Song Min-hee
Choi Moon-kyeong as Seo Yeo-soon
Jeon Bo-mi as Bbang-sun-ee, Lee Hyeon-jeong
Kim Min-yeong as Lee Bo-yeong

Production Credit:
Director: Park Geon-yong
Screenplay: Bae Se-yeong
Kim Joon-seok: Musician
Sin Min-kyeong: Editor
Kwak Gyeong-taek: Production department
Lee Jeon-ho: Poster designer

Inspired by a true story, the film shows how the ill-equipped team members champion the national sports festival and also transform one another's lives. Retired weightlifter Lee Ji-bong(Lee Beom-soo) reluctantly accepts a coaching position at a provincial girl's middle school. Ji-bong eventually accepts the group of enthusiastic yet clueless teenage girls to pass on the painful skills of the unpopular sport. All ages admitted.
Alternative titled "Lifting King Kong"
Released date in South Korea: 2009/07/01
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