"School - Season 5" Jang Nara and Choi Daniel like water and oil

Friday, November 30, 2012 1 comments

Upcoming KBS 2TV drama "School - Season 5" draws Jang N-ra and Choi Daniel as unavoidable.

Into 5 years of short-term teaching, Jeong In-jae (Jang Nara) and star teacher Kang Se-chan (Choi Daniel) take the responsibility of the most trouble making class and view the 'schools' of today from their perspective.

Jeong and Kang are two completely different characters who are like water and oil, unable to mix as she gets unfair treatment and treated with prejudice in a school where the power of teaching authorities are at loss and he is wound tight with the mind of servicing to the students.

The two are not official teachers but Kang Se-chan is believed in by the parents and the students of the school and In-jae tries to grow hope although she is always hurt in the end. The ideas of teaching these two have should increase the expectations of viewers.

A source claims that the two different characters of Jeong In-jae and Kang Se-chan point out the truth about schools and academies today and also shows us our students socialize inside the borders. It is going to be starting point of a conversation about 'education'.

Meanwhile, "School - Season 5" is about the struggle of teachers and students who look for hope and happiness in a school full of despair and pain.

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