[Spoiler] "Faith" Lee Min-ho completely falls for Kim Hee-seon

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Lee Min-ho cried and laughed for Kim Hee-seon.

On the thirteenth episode of the SBS drama "Faith", Choi Yeong (Lee Min-ho) found his laughter again after several years thanks to Yoo Eun-soo (Kim Hee-seon) and even had a hard time because of her.

Choi Yeong and Eun-soo went on a stroll in the streets, casually talking to each other and a childish smile spread on his face. He played around with her and taught her how to use a sword for any dangerous situations and they were laughing their belly's out.

His uncle and aunt watched them from far away and said, "It's been ages since I've seen that boy smile. He laughs like he's alive". Choi Yeong had lived life almost dead after his fiancé Mae-hee was killed but he revived thanks to Eun-soo.

One day he heard Eun-soo screaming from a nightmare and Jang Bin (Lee Philip) told him, "She has nightmares all the time. It's like she went through too much in a world where she's never been to".

Choi Yeong hurt for her and he couldn't go to sleep because of her. He took her around the next day and to Hwa Soo-in (Sin Eun-jeong) and said, "Don't show up in front of the doctor again. She is afraid of you. You ignore my threat and you will lose the right wrist".

He kidnapped Deok Heung-gun (Park Yoon-jae) who had Eun-soo's diary and said, "Ki-cheol (Yoo Oh-seong) can abandon you whenever he feels you worthless. Return the book to the doctor and solve the password that will take her back. If you know that then Ki-cheol wouldn't dare harm you".

Choi Yeong's joy and sadness caused by Eun-soo touched the hearts of those watching. Netizen's say, "Choi Yeong's aching for Eun-soo", "His eyes are so piercing when they are looking at Eun-soo" and more.

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