Lee Dong-wook and Lee Si-yeong in KBS's "Wild Romance"

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Actor Lee Dong-wook and actress Lee Si-yeong are in "Wild Romance".

The two will be co-acting in the KBS 2TV drama "Wild Romance" coming in January as Park Moo-yeol and Yoo Eun-jae.

Produced by Bae Kyeong-soo and written by Park Yeon-seon, this drama is a love story between a former judo player who is assigned to bodyguard duty for a baseball player due to some bad luck.

Lee Dong-wook takes on the role of Park Moo-yeol who is the second baseman of the professional baseball team the Red Dreamers. He is good looking but aggressive and bad-tempered, fresh with the pain of having experienced someone he loved leave him.

Lee Si-yeong's role of Yoo Eun-jae is a former judo player and current bodyguard. She is well trained with various fighting skills and is just as tough and hot-tempered as any other man.

Baseball fan Yoo Eun-jae somehow gets involved with Park Moo-yeol, the player she hates the most, and is forced to act as his bodyguard. "Wild Romance" will start shooting at the end of November and will be broadcasted on the 4th of January.

Oh Man-seok also joined the cast.

Source : news.nate.com/view/20... ( Korean )
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