Kim Hee-seon attempts to be a talk show MC for the first time, TV Chosun's Actresses

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Actress Kim Hee-seon is the MC for a talk show for the first time in the 18 years of her acting life.

According to TV Chosun, she is hosting a high quality celebrity talk show she runs with other actresses, called Actresses. They will talk about the politics and culture of VIP's from different fields.

This talk show should stand above other existing ones with witty comments and honesty from celebrities that are usually known for their beauty.

Kim Hee-seon debuted with the 1993 SBS drama "Dinosaur Teacher" and grew into a high teen star. She then starred in "Tomato", "Propose", "Mister Q" and other dramas. Her later works include, "Sunflower", "Graceful Lady", "Sad Love Story", "Smile Again" and more.

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