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Choi Daniel's 'well mannered hands' that were considerate to Jang Nara are an issue.

Choie Daniel who has been a favorite of many for his lame and cute character in "Babyfaced Beauty", is now a 'well mannered guy'.

In the scene where he piggy backs a drunk Jang Nara on the 17th, a neitzen captured pictures of his hands in a weird angle and posted in online.

Netizens are applauding his consideration.

In the picture, Choi Daniel is holding his hands in a fist and has them folded inwards as to not touch Jang Nara as much as he can.

His 'well mannered hands' have already been once an issue in "Cyrano Agency". He had once escorted actress Lee Min-jeong, who was wearing a short skirt and dangerously went up on stage and Park Sin-hye, down.

Jang Nara's management explained,"Choi Daniel is friendly and caring to people on the set like Jin-wook in the drama, but he is a well mannered guy who knows when to keep behind the lines".

The productions said,"When filming the love scene, he showed as much consideration he could for the actress. When Jang Nara was washing his hair for him, the director requested them to get closer and he was shy and asked,'how far do you want us to go?".

Meanwhile, Choi Daniel is a loose-lipped lame guy unlike the chic and dandy guy we have always known, this time in "Babyfaced Beauty" and creating a great deal of laughter.

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