So Ji-sub returns to movies with Song Il-gon's 'Only You - Movie'

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'So Kan-ji' So Ji-sub will return to the screens through producer Song Il-gon's new 'Only You-Movie'. This would be his comeback in two years after the movie 'Sophie's Revenge' he did with Zhang Ziyi.

So Ji-sub has the role of an ex-boxer, who loves and gives all to a woman who is losing her sight. He will show, in this movie, the deep mellow acting he did in the 2004 drama, 'Sorry,I Love You'.

The production revealed, "Song Il-gon and So Ji-sub, who has shown high concentration acting in dramas and movies, have shown deep confidence in each other. What their collaboration will bring has already caused high expectations".

'Only You-Movie' is also looked forward to because it is a new piece of work from Song Il-gon, who has achieved awards in many national film festivals and his collaboration with top star So Ji-sub. Producer Song made a fancy appearance when he achieved the grand prize in the Khan International Film Festival for 'Short Films' with 'Sopoong'. Then he has shown many other unique visual, highly accomplished movies.

Meanwhile, 'Only You- Movie' is expected to crank in the beginning of this year with So Ji-sub in the lead and the female lead still in casting phase.

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