"Sister" starring Seong Yoo-ri brings her in a different image

Sunday, September 12, 2010 0 comments

Actress Seong Yoo-ri has changed so much for the movie and gave up looking pretty.

She is in "Sister" where she reveals much of a mature acting and expressiveness.

She had to act for 12 hours crying in the rain. We could see that she did not lose her emotions throughout the time.

The movie is about a sister who loses her brother when he tried to save her from drowning. The older sister lives on with this pain and the story goes on. Seong is the sister, Yoonhee.

She had to stay in the rain for 12 hours and act crying even in the bad weather. Seong showed professionalism not making obvious her physical difficulties.

The filming will end this Thanksgiving season.

Credit to: hancinema.net


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