Fan Bingbing considered for role in "My Way"

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Chinese actress and singer Fan Bingbing

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing is being considered for a role in South Korean director Kang Je-gyu's Hollywood debut movie, according to the film's producer on Wednesday.

"Fan Bingbing is one of the many actresses that we are discussing to cast for a role in the war blockbuster "My Way", an official from the production company explained, adding that nothing has been finalized.

"My Way", starring top Korean actor Jang Dong-gun and Japanese star Joe Odagiri, is about an Asian soldier who was captured by the Japanese army and later turned over to the German Nazis during World War II.

Fan and several other famous actress including Wei Tang and Zhang Ziyi, if cast, will play the role of the Chinese woman who helps Jang's character in the movie.

Fan, 28, is also a Mandopop singer who rose to stardom for her role as Jin Suo in the TV sitcom "Princess Pearl" in 1998.

She has also starred in Chinese films "Contract Love" (2007), "Fuse, Flash Point" (2007), "Bodyguards and Assassins" (2009) and "Just Another Pandora's Box" (2010).

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