Unique styles for 46th Annual Baeksang Arts Awards

Monday, March 29, 2010 0 comments

The 46th Annual Baeksang Arts Awards where the fans saw many stars dressed up!
So Ji-sub wore a suit that looked like a classic army costume. He is wearing military costume seeming like he came from a war movie
Jang Geun-seok is a trend setter ! He is wearing a silver spangled jacket that makes him look formal and dandy!
Hong Soo-ah is wearing a tress that reveals her curves. We can see her 21 inch slim waist!
Kim Hyeon-jeong is in a one shoulder style black print dress, a very unique style for this awards ceremony! In addition, Lee Chae-yeong is not wearing any regular dress but black leather glove and military style jacket that seems like she has a stage show rather than a red carpet walk!
Many stars were sexy and handsome while many came in unique outfits. It seemed like they were from drama sets. The costumes made them look like they were in Hollywood!

Credit to hancinema.net


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